Episode #6 w/ host Don Norris

BrandVertising with Don Norris: Advertising Legend Tony Altilia

Don Norris from Bamboo Strategy talks with Toronto advertising legend Tony Altilia of Maxim Partners. They discuss what marketers need from their ad agencies today.

  • Dnorris

    The closing of the show unfortunately did not make the archive version. I want to thank Tony for helping highlight the reality marketers and their marketing service partners are facing today. Key going forward is intergration of tradtional/digital/social, and the ability to pull insights from the piles of data flowing into marketers.

    Hope you enjoyed the episode!

  • Dagny

    Ad Legend?

  • Dnorris

    Everyone has their own perspective on what makes a legend. having worked woth a pile of great talent Tony possess some of the great skills needed to keep the agency client relationship ball rolling. I have also worked woth so called legends who killed more realtionships than I can count.