Episode #3 w/ host Shawna Randolph

EHS Pawdcast E3

Coming up in this month`s show, how a local pet store is paving the way for others, in an effort to tackle the overpopulation of pets in our community. We’ll tell you why paradise pet centre of st. Albert is making the bold move of no longer selling puppies and kittens.

Also … how do you keep your dogs active indoors since it’s been so cold outside? Valuable exercise and activities to keep them happy during the cold spell.

And how you can leave your name as part of our legacy the naming opportunities available in our shelter to support us and also leave your mark.

  • Vicky Kellett

    Dear Shawna:

    Wonderful show. We currently have 6 pets, two dogs, two snakes and two cats that were all rescue animals. The latest addition to the family is a boxer/mastiff cross named Brandy that we adopted from the EHS in December of 2009. We were so inspired by Brandy and the wonderful care that the EHS takes of all the animals they have in their care that we became EHS volunteers.
    Thank-you for this show and all the wonderful work you all do to bring the blight of Homeless animals in Edmonton and all over Alberta to the forefront.
    In the future, should you ever want to have another sucess story we would be glad to bring Brandy in. We are so proud of how far she has come from the scared, unruly, nervous young dog she was to the beautiful, affectionate, funny full member of our family that she is now.