1. What is it that you do, exactly?

We enable the everyday individual or business to build brand awareness through the creation and deployment of your own live Internet TV show.

2. I still don’t get it. What you do mean by a live TV show?

Think of it like the 6 o clock news, except you’re the host and your broadcast isn’t limited to a single channel – it’s open to the entire Internet. Oh, and don’t think your show has to be a news show. That’s just an example :) .

3. A live TV show sounds cool, but I don’t have any formal media training. Can I still have my own live show?

Fear not! Most of the people who come through our doors don’t have any media training. This is why we’ve put systems in place to provide on-and-off-camera training for show hosts. We can even help you write your scripts and develop the concept of your show. We’re here to help.

4. What makes you different from Ustream and the like?

We’re a full-service agency, whereas Ustream is only providing the platform to stream and archive your show. We’re here to help you conceptualize your show, produce it, and bring it to market.

5. Is this stuff expensive?

When we compare our live streaming services to traditional media outlets, we provide considerably more valuable. We’re flexible when it comes to our productions, have lots of creative horsepower, and have the ability to target your audience as opposed to a mass broadcast.

6. How do I know if anyone is watching my show?

We can provide you with detailed analytical reports, which include: demographics your show is reaching and how the audience is engaging with your content. This information is invaluable when it comes to selecting topics, guests, etc. for upcoming shows.

7. Why is the Video Stuttering and/or Buffering?

This is usually due to bandwidth issues. Generally we try to keep the stream within the bandwidth limits of the average user, but there are many things that can affect bandwidth. Some things you can do to potentially improve your connection:

  • Make sure no one else is using the Internet in your house/office
  • Close all other browser windows, tabs or applications that access the internet.
  • Go to Speedtest.net and make sure your ‘download speed’ is over 0.5 mbit/sec.
  • Ask your IT dept if they are limiting or capping your bandwidth.
  • Often times we provide both a ‘high’ and ‘low’ bandwidth version of the stream, if you are having issues, please make sure you are using the ‘low’ bandwidth version.

8. Will I be able to watch this somewhere afterwards?

It’s likely.

If it is a fusedlogicTV network show, it will be made available on this site.
If it is a live event, the archive link should be available from the event organizer.

9. Can I get this service for my event?

Of course! Contact info@fusedlogic.com for details on how you can get this service for your company or event!