WeCan Kiwanis

Episode #2 w/ host Richard Le Sueur

WeCan Kiwanis Episode 2: Ian Taylor & Kiwanis’ Key Leader program

WeCan Kiwanis is a show about, and for, Kiwanians, providing information and insight into Kiwanis activities across Western Canada. Today Ian Taylor joins us to talk about Kiwanis Key Leader in Western Canada.

  • http://oneofme.ca Paul Turnbull

    Fairly similar to my thoughts. I figure that if you’re tweeting or otherwise communicating the locations of speed traps, photo radar, or check stops it’s because you want to protect speeders and drunk drivers. In the case of speeders, it’s much more socially acceptable to speed so people don’t mind the posting of locations. Drunk driving, on the other hand, is supposed to be verboten although many people seem to think they’re exempt.

    Personally I don’t need to know where either of them are as I generally don’t speed and definitely don’t drive drunk. I’d note that I did speed a bit in the past but two photo radar tickets cured me of that. :)

  • Michael

    Chances are, if you talk about sex, you’re probably a rapist. #mutuallyinclusive #amiright

  • Daysotn

    god bless photorader for that

  • http://oneofme.ca Paul Turnbull

    Nice straw man you have there.